EPAM Ukraine team participates in development of Diya

The Ukrainian branch of EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), global leading provider of digital platforms and software development services, is cooperating on a voluntary basis with Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation in the creation of a public services mobile application known as Diya, the first such application in Ukraine.

As a result of this non-profit partnership, the first version of Diya has been developed. The application is to become a single point of contact for all state services. Access to digital driver’s licenses and technical passports of automobiles has been implemented in this initial version of the application, and will become available for the first beta testers on December 16.

According to the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the potential number of users of such a digital service is over 10 million citizens.

Nowadays, when smartphones have replaced wallets, the need to carry all documents around with you sounds archaic. So we have created a technical solution that will allow citizens to download these documents into Diya’s secure mobile application, and they will no longer have to worry about leaving their driving license or vehicle documents at home. I’m positive that this new service will prove useful and convenient for many Ukrainians

commented Mikhail Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

For the past six weeks, teams of developers at EPAM Ukraine have been working on the application. They have created its first version and laid the architecture for further expansion of the functionality. EPAM provided 30 qualified experts - architects, engineers, testers, analysts and other specialists – to work on the development process.

Diya is an ambitious and much-needed project for our country and EPAM experts joined it on a volunteer basis. They have invested their skills, time and world-class experience in this cooperation. We hope that the cooperation between EPAM and the Ministry of Digital Transformation will become a model to follow and a positive signal for other IT market players. Our country has acquired substantial technological expertise, and every professional can offer his skills for the nation’s development and improving the standard of living

commented Yury Antonyuk, VP, CEE Head EPAM

The development of this application is ongoing, but for those who are eager to try out the new services right away, there is an opportunity to join the beta tests of the first version. Registration for testing is available at https: //team.diia.gov.ua/

Access to the application’s beta version will be granted to the first 20,000 registered persons. Authorization and user identification in this test version of Diya can be completed using PrivatBank and MonoBank accounts. Users will be able to use the BankID of other banks in future as well.

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