ELEKS Cloud Webinar: Azure SSO with Jenkins

ELEKS Cloud Webinar: Azure SSO with Jenkins

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Configure and connect the app to your tenant with the Azure AD. Give users SSO access to the apps they need and automatically provision or de-provision user accounts.

Build native apps with best-in-breed identity and security features like SSO, passwordless, and risk-based authentication.

From the DevOps side, we will create a connection to Jenkins and look at RBAC policy and permissions that can be provided from AAD to Jenkins.

Participation is free.
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Azure SSO with Jenkins

  1. What is SSO?
  2. SSO in secure pipelines
    1. SSO and ISO controls
    2. SSO benefits
  3. How to enable Azure-based SSO for application
  4. Using SSO in Jenkins
    1. RBAC and Jenkins access