Educational and CSR area

One of the key goals of the Association is the development of IT education for sustainable growth of the IT sector in Ukraine. This area combines educational and social projects that develop the industry and solve acute social problems.

Projects that we implement:

1. Synergy

Synergy. IT Business & IT Education is a platform where cool collaborations between IT companies and educational institutions are born. IT Ukraine brings together representatives of IT business, education and government to discuss ways to transform Ukraine's education system. More than 500 participants each year: top managers of large-scale IT companies and regional IT clusters, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, heads of universities, schools, private initiatives and leaders of student unions. This is the biggest event that we are proud to prepare every year.

2. #Join_IT


The career guidance project for schoolchildren #Join_IT for 7 years of its work has attracted 30 thousand children from 25 cities of Ukraine and 350 speakers. All these 350 specialists of IT companies have volunteered to be mentors for schoolchildren, because, according to experts, 25% of vacancies in the coming years will be related to the field of IT. All the industries we are familiar with will be inextricably linked to information technology in one way or another. If you are an IT specialist and you have something to tell children about your work - we have already waited for your application!

3. IT Ukraine Education Summit


450+ government officials, leading Ukrainian universities and IT companies: for the second year in a row, we bring together representatives of leading universities and IT companies to discuss priorities for IT education reform, university and corporate education, as well as share insights and interesting educational findings. What is IT Ukraine Education Summit:

  • Discussion of best educational practices and priority areas of IT education reform;
  • Answers to questions that concern everyone involved in the educational process: students, teachers and industry representatives;
  • Analysis of the current situation and forecasts for the future.


4. I want to join ІТ


An event that aims to introduce teenagers and their parents to the world of the IT industry and help them decide on their future profession. Meetup gathered 177 participants: 101 adults and 76 teenagers. We conducted 10 workshops for teenagers, and 3 - for adults from specialists of 5 companies. The program of the meetup is divided into 5 main streams, according to the main IT professions: programmers, designers, marketers, DevOps, Game Dev.

5. Mine safety VR product


UNICEF together with the IT Ukraine Association created the world's first virtual reality (VR) for mine safety for children in eastern Ukraine. As early as April, in high-explosive areas, VR will be a component of UNICEF's educational sessions in schools with the support of the German and Italian governments. Educational sessions will allow in an entertaining format to consolidate the knowledge that the child receives during the classic lesson. VR training will cover areas affected by the conflict, as well as Dniprovska, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv, where ammunition depots are located and IDPs live.

 6. Learn. Play. Work


In 2021, together with Ubisoft, a member of the Association, we conducted a lesson for ninth-graders of Novopechersk School, Kyiv. The children were convinced that the love of computer games could become a bridge to their dream career in IT.

In 2020, the project "Learn.Play.Work” was a pilot and started very successfully: we attracted 614 participants who listened to 3863 lectures. The students visited the Kyiv office of Ubisoft Ukraine and got acquainted with 5 main areas of work in game development: game design, programming, testing, art, management.

The online course teaches children, parents, teachers and anyone interested in the gaming industry how to turn a passion for computer games into a successful career in the IT industry. It was developed by game developer Ubisoft Ukraine, IT Ukraine Association and online education studio EdEra.

7. Slack platform “ITU&МES”


In 2020, the Association "IT Ukraine" and the Ministry of Education and Science re-signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and launched a Slack-platform with working groups on educational issues. Its purpose is to establish cooperation between the member companies of the Association and the Ministry of Education and Science for the implementation of potential joint projects. 

The Slack-platform will allow IT companies to be aware of the Ministry's educational projects and quickly respond to them, as well as to join them organizationally / advisory / financially. 

To join the Slack-platform "ITU&MES", please follow the link. Companies that are members of the IT Ukraine Association can join the platform.

8. Teachers Internship


Free internships for teachers help to improve the level of education in the field of technology and software in Ukrainian universities. The EPAM Teachers Internship program started in July 2017.

So far, 7 waves of teacher internships have been conducted in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv. Daily workshops with practical engineers allowed to deepen knowledge in project management (flexible approaches, SCRUM-approach), learn about processes on modern projects (continuous integration, product delivery management, business requirements analysis), master applications and tools for teamwork , Git). Two hundred teachers from more than 20 universities gained access to the EPAM knowledge base. This allowed them to make changes to the Computer Science and Software Engineering courses, which means quality training for the modern student, the future IT specialist.

9. CODE Summer


Free summer programming school for children aged 12-17, where they work on their technical ideas, visit the offices of Ukrainian IT companies, and learn about soft skills and project management. In 2018, we selected 130 participants. You can find information about school graduates here: 2017 and 2016. As of today, the project is temporarily on hold.

10. Core Skills Project


In 2018, member companies of the Association presented a unified list of requirements and recommendations for junior-level specialists. Since then, professionals that are just starting their careers in IT focus on the requirements and recommendations prepared by the service IT industry. 

11. ClickToSchool


A project that makes educational institutions for children with disabilities "visible". In more detail, as a part of the ClickToSchool pilot project, students of the education programming school developed a website for the Kyiv Training and Rehabilitation Center №17 on a volunteer basis. The project is ongoing and we invite everyone to join. Perhaps, your team will help make these schools more "visible" and hundreds of parents and children will be able to learn all the necessary information much faster.

12. IT LAW


“IT LAW” is a professional development program for lawyers developed jointly with the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, one of the leaders in legal education in Ukraine. During the program, 18 legal practitioners from leading IT and law firms share their experience in 6 modules, helping participants to systematize their knowledge or gain the necessary basis to work with IT companies.

The strength of the program is a large number of practical cases that participants use to delve into the material and form the necessary skills in the field of IT. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive a certificate, and the top five students have the opportunity to do an internship in IT companies.

13. You can do anything! The possibilities are endless!


Online course “You can do anything! The possibilities are endless!” for the training of IT specialists among people with disabilities was created so they could study IT technologies and get jobs in leading IT companies in Ukraine. It was developed and implemented by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the IT Ukraine Association, and the Prometheus online course platform. During the course, students were assisted in their training by more than 120 IT specialists from 10 IT companies: SoftServe, N-iX, EPAM Ukraine, Innovecs, DataArt, GlobalLogic Ukraine, Viseven Group, CI Gen, webPCstudio, BCD Travel. Additionally, students were advised by HR mentors from IT companies ELEKS, N-iX, Techiia holding. A total of 3,293 participants took part in the program, and the process of their employment is currently underway.

14. All-Ukrainian campaign for collective vaccination of IT specialists


The all-Ukrainian campaign for collective vaccination of IT specialists started in May 2021 after the Association initiated a meeting to discuss vaccination issues with the Ministry of Health. This meeting was attended by representatives of IT Ukraine Association, IT clusters and IT companies of Ukraine. Vaccine deliveries took place in July, and the Association began coordinating the distribution of the first 4,500 doses of Comirnaty from Pfizer-BioNTech and 3,500 doses of Moderna in Kyiv. Subsequent deliveries of Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and CoronaVac vaccines were distributed in the regions.

As of mid-August 2021, over 30,000 IT specialists were vaccinated with the first dose and over 24,000 with the second dose. 

15. #AntiVirus


#AntiVirus is an initiative of the IT Ukraine Association established to prevent the spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV and help Ukrainian health professionals in the fight against it. Since launching the project on March 26, the team has coordinated the efforts of companies, medical institutions, charitable foundations, and regional IT clusters to be effective in helping doctors. In the first stage, we focused on purchasing personal protective equipment for doctors and medical equipment.

Project participants: EPAM, GlobalLogic, Miratech, ELEKS, Ubisoft, Intellias, Dev.Pro, Luxoft, and N-iX.

16. E-Maliatko

The IT Ukraine Association has joined the state project e-Maliatko, which significantly simplifies the process of registration of administrative services for parents of newborns. As part of the project, member companies of the Association - EPAM and UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group - have already donated 100 laptops and 39 printers with the assistance of the East Europe Foundation to maternity hospitals, civil registry offices, and administrative service centers. Successful implementation of the project requires minimal technical support in the form of computers and laptops, so the equipment from the companies will help professionals to perform their work quickly and comfortably.

Project participants: EPAM, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group.

Maksym Pochebut

Head of community

Maksym Pochebut

VP on Educational issues, Chief Learning Officer, Sigma Software Group

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. He has more than 12 years of experience in education and IT, dozens of implemented projects in the field of human resources development.

Community meetings

Meetings of the community take place regularly. Each meeting must have a program and list of issues to discuss. After each meeting, we form a plan for further actions and closely monitor its compliance.

About the Educational and CSR community

The main goal of the Educational and CSR community is to coordinate the activities of the Association members in the field of technical education development and corporate social responsibility in Ukraine. During the meetings, the community members develop joint measures to provide the industry with highly qualified specialists, solve existing problems in the training system and establish an effective dialogue between business, government and educational, social institutions.

We are pleased that IT Ukraine brings together responsible IT companies that in addition to developing the industry also care about the level of education, the state of the environment and other socially important things.