About the service

To reinforce the IT industry in these challenging times the IT Ukraine Association has launched an anti-crisis support service Є-Support!

Є-Support! is aimed at providing qualified consultations to IT companies on the following issues:

  • CSR initiatives (providing assistance to the army and the refugees, etc.);
  • General mobilization;
  • Specialist’s Relocation and Border Crossing;
  • First Aid Training, Psychological Assistance etc.;
  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Other issues upon request.

To get Є-Support!, you just need to fill out an application form on the Association's website and the Association’s employee will contact you to further communicate the necessary counseling and assistance.

The idea of this service came about to offer our assistance and show companies that they are not alone in the ongoing situation. Being the national Association, we have the opportunity to become an informational center that not only swiftly monitors potential threats, but also offers solutions. Є-Support! service works as a single information hub providing updates from regions, possible anti-crisis solutions and contacts of services or people who can help in specific situations,

explains Konstantin Vasyuk, the Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association.

At the moment, this service is offered only to member-companies of the Association.

Link: https://esupport.itukraine.org.ua/