ALCOR: Feedback

Dmytro Ovcharenko

Dmytro Ovcharenko


ALCOR has been a member of the IT Ukraine Association for almost eight years, and since that time we have repeatedly been convinced of the benefits of participating in the community. The IT industry is the most progressive industry in Ukraine today, but many problems still exist. And how to solve them - if not by joint efforts. This is what the Association provides: uniting for a better future of the industry.

The community takes care of various issues: legislative initiatives and analysis, educational projects, creating a positive image of the Ukrainian IT sector - and Ukraine in general - around the world. No doubt, each company member of the Association strives to improve the situation on the market, and to collaborate much more productively to achieve a common goal.

An example of effectiveness is our collaborative action against the raids by masked police. We managed to put a joint fight against this shameful phenomenon by combining the efforts of market players and representatives of the legislative power. And the leading role in this process was played by the Association itself. Community members also took an active part in the discussion of a new entity on the market - "Diya.City".

The Association always remains a platform for constructive discussions, a source of information about transformations in the industry and an organizer of industry events. We hope that in future even more product companies will join the IT Ukraine Association in order to conduct a dialogue with both the government and society with one voice.