ALCOR's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Dmytro Ovcharenko

Dmytro Ovcharenko


ALCOR is a member of the IT Ukraine Association since 2013, and since then we have been repeatedly convinced of the benefits of our community participation.

Despite the competition between IT-market players, there are certain strategic issues that can not be solved on their own, but the result of which is the success of the entire industry. In particular, it is a legislative regulation of the IT-sphere, education, promotion of industry in Ukraine and abroad.

The Association serves as a platform for discussions, in which we communicate with like-minded people. The organization also acts as a great coordinator and a leader in important events of the industry - we know that we can count on a high-quality organization of some important activities for the IT-community. And, of course, thanks to the participation in the Association, we are swiftly receiving the latest news from the industry.

As an example of efficiency, I can lead our joint fight against the curse of Ukrainian business -  so-called "mask show". We were able to give a common response to this shameful phenomenon, combining the efforts of market players and representatives of the legislature. And the leading role in this process was played by the Association.

We enjoy the fact that the community evolves along with the demands advanced by the modern market. I can notice that over the last year the work of the organization has become more systematic and transparent, but this is far from the end. We want to believe that our expectations are met, and the industry will return to growth rates of 35-40% annually.

We hope that in the future even more product companies will join the IT Ukraine Association, in order to have a united front for dialogue with the authorities and with the society. The IT-industry has all the prerequisites for helping the Ukrainian economy finally "rise up from the knees."