Digicode became a member of the IT Ukraine Association

Digicode became a member of the IT Ukraine Association

The main focus of Digicode is to solve customer problems with the help of Technology Consulting and Innovation. The company has been working with the world's leading companies for more than 10 years, including the Microsoft Innovation R&D Center.

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Digicode helps companies in:

  • modernization of technologies;
  • automation of business processes;
  • implementation of innovations (ML, AI, CV, collaborative intelligence).

Most Digicode customers work in the fields of fintech, logistics, telecom; from startups to corporations that are a part of Fortune 10.

Digicode has always held the position of “it is better to do than to brag”. We are involved in many educational and charitable projects, from the Ohmadit Clinic to the development of children's education through the RobotSchool Robotics School. We make great efforts to develop the country's brand abroad, and to this day we have always done everything by ourselves. This year we realized the need to share the experience with industry colleagues in Ukraine, and the unbridled desire to participate directly not only in the development of our own business but also in the formation of the industry in the country for the benefit of the entire IT market,

Maksym Masliy, President and Global CEO.