Daxx: Feedback

Ihor Tkach

Ihor Tkach

CEO, Daxx

The first most priority challenge was the implementation of our BCP plan, and the relocation of employees from the war zone to safer places. The uncertainty and risks created by the full-scale invasion of the russian federation affected work with both employees and customers. Fortunately, in the first days of full-scale War, we managed to keep all the employees and more than 90% of the income under current contracts. We kept the business and continued to support the economy of Ukraine in a difficult time. The next challenges were questions regarding the reservation of key employees during mobilization, the possibility of going on a business trip abroad for key employees, currency restrictions in terms of the difference between the real exchange rate of foreign currencies and the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. Unfortunately, these issues have not been resolved yet.

The Association provides informational support, a dialogue opportunity with the authorities, and also represents the interests of IT business in the informational and political spheres. In times of crisis, it is important to have an IT industry united position on urgent issues and to act jointly to protect our interests and the interests of the government in the long term. The Association is a reliable platform for this.

Thanks to the Association, we received Starlink terminals and the possibility of targeted aid to the Armed Forces in the first weeks of a full-scale War. As part of the Association's community, we have the opportunity to influence the fate of the industry and the company's business in Ukraine, share experience, participate in useful meetings and webinars, as well as develop a culture of adaptability in the company and have a business continuity plan.

Uniting the efforts of individual companies on the Association's platform is an important component of strengthening the Association's subjectivity for further protection of the industry's interests.