Astound Commerce's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Astound Commerce
Daria Hornitska

Daria Hornitska

General Director in Astound Commerce Ukraine

Astound Commerce joined the biggest IT-community in Ukraine in 2007 in order to find like-minded people and the opportunity to change and develop the Ukrainian high tech sector. Being a global market player with significant experience in developing E-commerce solutions, it's important for us to share professional expertise and knowledge gained with all market participants, enhancing Ukraine's technological potential. The company actively favors the development of the industry and joins the Association to deal with strategic challenges in the field of information technology.

Today Astound Commerce actively participates in almost all working groups and profile meetings of the Association and its projects. Through cooperation with the Association, we are always informed about the latest legislative changes, industry news and opportunities for participation in domestic and international events.

In my opinion, the main value of participation in the Association is the creation of a single, powerful IT-power that changes the paradigm of perception of the importance of technology in the context of individual industries and the country in general.

As for me, the Association's level of work grows with the IT-sector and new players arrival. The market is setting a new tempo and every time gives new tasks to deal with. Over the past year, the Association has been enforced with a strong team-members, communication has become more informative and reached the new level of quality, and events now are filled with important content.

Astound Commerce is already grateful for the work of the Association and an active position in solving current problems and "headaches" of many companies. In the future, we expect to maintain and protect the position of the industry both in the domestic market and actively promote the IT-achievements of Ukrainian developers in the international arena.