DAN.IT education center has launched a project to develop websites

The project to develop sites for special needs children was launched

The Israeli-Ukrainian DAN.IT education center has initiated the ClickToSchool project, with a goal to develop modern websites for specialized schools where special needs children study. In partnership with the IT Ukraine Association, it has already developed a website for the secondary school "Educational and Rehabilitation Center №17" in Kyiv.

ClickToSchool project was created to improve the online presence of specialized schools for special needs children, as of now most of those schools do not have any website at all. With Internet presence, communication will become easier for parents, potential philanthropists, and sponsors. This is a volunteer project.

The ClickToSchool project includes several stages, from the communication with educational institutions, and all the way forward to the ready-to-operate website, available for school administration. 

These are the most important stages:

  • collect the basic data,
  • create a design concept for the future website,
  • develop the website – this stage is implemented by students of DAN.IT education center.

Kseniia Stolbova, CEO, DAN.IT education center, gives a comment on this project: It was my idea to start the ClickToSchool project and create websites for specialized schools as I am the mother of a special needs child myself. We used to search for a specialized school ourselves and have faced the lack of the necessary information online. There was a short notice at most about the school's existence, which does not give an understanding of its curricula, specialties, etc. It was then that the idea of ClickToSchool project occurred to me: a project that gives our DAN.IT students their first experience in developing websites, doing it exactly for those who need such products. I applied to the IT Ukraine Association with the idea, and we've decided to implement this project together.


Viktoriia Tymoshenko, Head of Education and Corporate Social Responsibility, IT Ukraine Association: We are glad to partner with DAN.IT education center and make specialized schools more “accessible” for special needs children. We have chosen the Training and Rehabilitation Center The №17 to start with on purpose – first, we researched specialized institutions in the city, and then selected the one that needed help the most. We believe that the project will soon be scaled up and the problem of finding this or that specialized school online will disappear totally.

ClickToSchool organizers encourage all caring and empathic volunteers to join the project. You can do this by emailing us at tymoshenko@itukraine.org.ua