DAN IT has started three training programs for teenagers

DAN IT has started three training programs for teenagers

The school year comes to an end; the summer vacation begins. Everyone is already mentally flying away to warmth to rejuvenate before the upcoming school year. Vacation is always a pleasure, but imagine that your child is combining rest with productive activities? Now you should not worry that your kids are wasting their time playing online or surfing Instagram.

DAN.IT Education has got a solution! We have prepared three summer courses for teenagers:

  • Top Soft Skills
  • Blogging School
  • UI / UX Design School

Each child has different skills and inclinations. Some children are more creative, and others have excellent mathematical thinking. Therefore, DAN.IT methodologists and teachers have prepared training courses in three relevant areas, one of which will attract your child for sure. A child's interests and hobbies are the key to the right and easy choice of the course.

During TOP SOFT SKILLS course:

  • we guide students in developing soft skills for the adequate perception of themselves, their mood, personal traits, and talents
  • we teach effective interaction with society in the context of digitalization and IT technology development
  • the "From Words to Deeds” system, which is used during the course, helps to transform knowledge into skills by implementing it in daily life

After each lesson, your child will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in everyday life, studying at school, and even in future professions. The benefits from studying soft skills are going to be noticeable.

SUMMER BLOGGING SCHOOL for teenagers is suitable for those who want to try themselves as a blogger. If your child is interested in social networks, taking photos, and shooting videos, you should pay attention. This is not just a hobby anymore, but a new in-demand profession among young generations in 2021. Income from blogging can be quite decent not only for children but also for their parents.

85% of training is interactive practice. You will watch your child's progress and achievements. Such approach will show you the effectiveness of training, and your child will have extra motivation.

The training program includes all modern knowledge and practices of social networks running. Our teachers, experienced SMM specialists, will not only provide their expertise, but analyze real cases together with students, involving them to practice.
At the end of the SUMMER BLOGGING SCHOOL course each student will defend their project, show their content strategy, and design for social networks. Those who succeed with the project defense will receive a certificate of completion.

A blogging program for teenagers will develop creativity and independence, thus being the first step to a career in journalism or marketing.

For teenagers who are inclined to creative professions, the SUMMER UI / UX DESIGN SCHOOL will be suitable. This is an exceptional opportunity to develop creativity and embark on a career in informational technologies from an early age.

The course program consists of modern web design practices. Our experts will teach:

  • to work with Photoshop
  • to create page layouts and logos
  • to retouch photos

Our experts will explain the principles of design and site-building, color correction, prototyping, and motion design. From the beginning, your child will choose a project to work with during training, applying gained knowledge in practice. Upon completion from the SUMMER UI / UX DESIGN SCHOOL, students will defend their own design project to get a certificate.

Starting to take the first steps in a career as a teenager is a considered and justified decision for parents. Your child deserves the best conditions for self-fulfillment and self-identification. Therefore, by choosing a summer course at DAN.IT, you will make a quality input to your child's future.