Creative Quarter is an exclusive office-partner of the IT Ukraine Association

Creative Quarter is an exclusive office-partner of the IT Ukraine

On June 18, the IT Ukraine Association started partnership with the largest Ukrainian network of coworkings for IT-companies Creative Quarter.

We are happy to announce that CQ is now our exclusive office-partner. Such partnership is a useful tool for our participants. After all, they can use the facilities of creative office spaces on special terms.

We have a common goal with the Association: we also strive to create best conditions for IT business in the country, therefore our partnership is logical and expedient,

- the CQ founder, Roman Khmil, said at the celebration of the start of cooperation.



CQ is the team of experienced IT executives, serial entrepreneurs and social activists with a common goal: to see Ukrainian IT sector booming instead of growing at mediocre 20% annual pace. The team works hard on growing a supportive community of professionals that redefine success daily. And more people could not just work but be excited about what they do.

Space. Professional yet comfortable place to dive into the productive New York style atmosphere. Enjoy the view and bring your goals to reality. 
Community. Talented people from various backgrounds represent the most unique community. Pave your road to success with collaboration.
Services. Flexible back-office services, training for employees and other valuable assistance. Do what you need having your back covered 24 hours per day.