Core Skills Project

Unified Requirements For Junior Engineers

Educational Committee's Initiative


Core Skills Project is an initiative of the Association aimed to form key requirements for Junior-specialists in the IT-industry. The area of information technology is developing so rapidly that educational institutions do not have time to meet the demands and needs of the market.

A demand for building a career in IT among young people grows every year. The industry offers a relatively high salary level for beginners - according to a recent study by DOU, the average salary of a Junior-tester is $ 400, Junior-developer - $ 550. According to experts of IT Ukraine Association's member-companies, a list of standardized requirements will help young professionals to prepare for work on commercial projects so companies will not spend several months on their training.

Within the conference "Synergy: Business and Higher Education", member-companies of IT Ukraine Association presented a unified list of requirements and recommendations for junior-level specialists. The list covers three most popular and demanded IT-specializations - Software Developer (for JS, .net, Java), Software Test Automation Engineer, Software Testing Engineer.

Thus, the IT-service industry was the first in Ukraine to develop unified requirements for professionals who are just starting their careers in the industry.


The further success of the Ukrainian IT-industry depends on the ability of the domestic education system to adapt to a very dynamic market, both in terms of the number of new specialists and the quality of their knowledge.

The development of a unified list of requirements for Junior-engineers is the first step from the side of the business to form a common vision with higher education institutions and students themselves of what knowledge do young specialists have to gain before they graduate to be in demand in the labor market. Universities can use these recommendations for the modernization of curricula, and students for gaining skills they need.

Current Task

After a full and comprehensive discussion and approval by business representatives of the list of expected skills, they will be transferred to the Ukrainian higher education institutions that train IT-specialists to correct the actual curriculum.