Consulting company Crayon Ukraine became a member of the Association

Consulting company Crayon Ukraine became a member of the Association

Crayon Ukraine specializes in IT consulting, implementation and adaptation of cloud services. It is part of the international company Crayon Group, headquartered in Oslo, in Ukraine, the company started its activity in mid-2020.

In addition to basic business activities such as sales, support and optimization of licenses for Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, IBM, Citrix, VMware, etc., the company manages and optimizes IT infrastructure, cloud technologies and develops solutions using artificial intelligence and analysis of big data.

Olexandr Kutovsky, Crayon's Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe, notes that the company sees great potential in Ukraine:

Most of our solutions and services are unique to Ukraine and meet the modern demands of Ukrainian business. We have assembled a professional local team that will help companies easily undergo a cloud transformation.

One of Crayon Ukraine's competitive advantages is access to expertise developed by five Artificial Intelligence Centers in Norway, Austria, the United States, Singapore and Australia. Thanks to this, the team can solve unique market tasks in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Globally, the Crayon Group has implemented more than 100 projects using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Crayon Ukraine's specialization and experience are also commented on by the company's CEO Borys Gayur:

Crayon's main task in the world is to quickly deliver the world's best IT expertise to end customers and optimize their investments in cloud technologies. Crayon's global and local team of certified IT professionals successfully helps our clients plan, optimize, manage and innovate in their IT infrastructure, enabling them to focus on the most important tasks of their own business. In 2020, Gartner recognized us as a leader in software asset management. Crayon's knowledge and competencies in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning in 2019 and 2020 were recognized by the world-famous manufacturers Microsoft and AWS as one of the best in the world. We are happy to join the leaders of the IT industry, united by the IT Ukraine Association. We believe that the implementation of joint national and international projects, expert support, cooperation for large-scale goals can bring the industry to a qualitatively new level.

Among the services that will be available to Crayon customers in Ukraine is the popular Crayon Cloud Economics service. Using a standardized methodology for analyzing the consumption of cloud resources, it allows companies to optimize the cost of cloud infrastructure and better manage their own cloud. Thus, through cooperation with Crayon, TIME - one of the largest dairy producers in Europe - was able to save 50% of its IT costs after the transition from ground-based solutions to the cloud.

The company offers Ukrainian customers a reduction in software costs and cloud computing; simplification of budgeting, forecasting and resource allocation; providing software lifecycle management for cloud services, licensing purity and reducing legal risks.





Crayon is a leading IT consulting company in the field of business digitalization, founded in 2002 in Oslo (Norway), with about 2,000 employees worldwide in more than 50 offices, covering 80% of the global market. The company's expertise includes 6+ years of experience in implementing AI / ML projects worldwide and 18 years of experience in the field of SAM (Software Asset Management) and Cloud project. Crayon is a public company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.