Computools Digital Summit: Tech Trends 2021

Computools Digital Summit: Tech Trends 2021

Look into the future through the glass of an expert view


Computools aims to provide you with the latest trends in technological solutions that can be successfully applied to your business. The company's experts will share with you the results of in-depth industry and tech analysis, and their experience taking case studies as examples.

Through the years Computools has concentrated on delivering software solutions to companies from start-ups to enterprises, taking to account industry and niche specificity, guiding clients through bottlenecks, helping to overcome weaknesses, and achieve business goals. Now Computools follows software development trends, and applies its expertise to help you to be prepared for any changes, and gives you tools to enhance your business.

4 Reasons to Join the Summit

  • Explore the key technology trends that will impact your business in 2021.
  • Find out how next-gen technologies can be applied to achieve your goals.
  • Unleash the potential of technology solutions for your industry.
  • Get expert advice on how to improve your product, optimize inner processes or boost customers' satisfaction with proper software solutions.

Topics in Focus

  • Welcome and Introduction Nikita Abelmasov - The Host of the event, Head of Business Analysis at Computools
  • Healthcare Tech Trends and Innovations Sergey Peredelskiy - Business Development Manager at Computools
  • The Future of eCommerce in 2021 Kateryna Belova - Business Development Manager at Computools
  • Financials: Industry Overview and Trends Viktoria Ruban - Business Analyst at Computools
  • Consumer Services Trends: How To Survive in 2021 and Make Clients Love You Viktoriia Zubova - Business Development Manager at Computools
  • You May Never Believe What You Can Use in Mobile Development Nikolay Smorgun - Head of GameDev at Computools
  • Discovery Phase in Software Development Vitaliy Kononenko - CTO at Computools Oleg Svet - CDO at Computools
  • Networking Session Alexander Azmanov - Business Development Manager at Computools Alexis Pellegrini - Business Development Manager at Computools