Committees &
working groups

Form vectors of work for the Association and the industry in all priority areas. Legislative field, human resources development, industry promotion - working in a team of like-minded people brings truly good results.

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General information

Association committees are teams of experts of member-companies working together on solving common issues of the industry in relevant fields. Today, within the Association, there are three profile committees on key areas of the development of the IT-industry: Financial & Legal, Educational and PR-committee.

Promoting the principles of transparency and openness, we do not limit participation in the committees of employees of the member-companies' of the Association. You can always join a professional community to discuss existing issues or propose your own initiatives, get support or expert advice.

Committees' meetings

Meetings of the committees are held on a regular basis. Each meeting necessarily has its own program and a list of questions to discuss. After each meeting, we create a roadmap for further actions and steadily follow it.