CODE Summer: result of the summer coding school

CODE Summer: results of the summer program for schoolchildren

August 16, the closing ceremony of CODE Summer School from the IT Ukraine Association and awarding of its participants took place in Kyiv iHUB. This year the project has significantly expanded – we received 212 applications (compared to 144 last year) for participation in the program, of which, based on the results of the tests, 130 children were selected. The geography of the project has also expanded – in 2018, children from 10 Ukrainian cities and villages took part in it.

The project was implemented on the basis of four partner universities – Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Bohdan Hrinchenko Kyiv University and Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. These institutions helped the project with rooms for study, technic and mentoring students, who worked with children and helped them with projects.

Last week, thrilled participants presented their team IT-projects to the jury and looked forward to results. Judges had difficulties distinguishing the winners since all works were worthy of awards. But finally, on the closing day of the project, the participants learned about the results of the competition.

Welcoming speech at the beginning of the ceremony took Galyna Lakusta, Operations Director of the IT Ukraine Association.

"There are three months of active training behind, and I can say that the first results of the participants' work are impressive. Children are already creating their own IT-projects that they demonstrated at the defense board on August 9th. This is a serious achievement for such a short period of time, which indicates the talent of the project participants. We really would like the children to be confident in their own strength and continue their education in order to join the industry once", – she said.

The enthusiasm of children was also noted by members of the jury and representatives of partner companies.

"I am pleased with the enthusiasm and commitment of the project participants. I would like to remind to children that the best investment is an investment in themselves. Spend your time and resources on self-development, upgrade of your professional skills, and be sure it will be useful to you on many occasions", – said a representative of SoftServe, a member of the jury Vadim Khalimovsky.

Thus, according to the results of the competition, the first place got the team of Fischuk Kyrylo and Malyarenko Mykyta, who had presented the Easy Pay project – a mobile service to pay for purchases and products in SAFs that do not have payment terminals.

"Small business can't always afford a payment terminal that cost a lot, so their audience is limited with cash owners only. But with the help of Easy Pay, these entrepreneurs, having registered in our service and having received the corresponding QR-code, will be able to get paid for their goods virtually", – said Mykyta Malyarenko during the presentation.

The winners received gifts from ITVDN, SoftServe, Svitla Systems, KidSoft, Maker Fair and Luxoft for the first place.

The second place took Dmytro Kudrenko, Sofia Ryabokon, Bogdan Balik and Shishuk Oleksandr for creating the WorkSharp project - a web-service for organizing workflow and monitoring work tasks and projects between the customer and the IT-department.

"Work Sharp is a system that helps to structure the design, monitoring and management of IT-project. We now have four roles for system users - administrator, team-lead, customer and developer. A customer can create a project order, after which team-lead gets tied to it. He creates a technical specification for the developers and monitors the project creation process. Thus, it's easy to track all the discussions, comments and observations", – said Dmytro Kudrenko about his project.

The third place took Ghost Slayer, a real 3D first-person shooter created by Sergiy Remez, Ivan Ryabko and Volodymyr Sopronyuk.

"Our project is a 3D game based on UNITY. Gaming models, locations, weapons, sound effects - this all was developed by ourselves. According to the plot, our hero falls into a parallel dimension, where he must fight ghosts and find the way home", – Sergiy Remez spoke about the project.

The winners, who took the second and third place, were awarded with pleasant and useful gifts from EPAM, SoftServe, Svitla Systems, Maker Fair, EDUGET and ITVDN.

However, other CODE Summer School participants did not go empty-handed. Those projects that liked the individual companies that supported the project got personal prizes.

So, Vladislav Vakulenko and Degtyarenko Polina, developers of an application for recording information on the telephone conversations, Sino, received gifts from GlobalLogic and KidSoft.

Creators of The Manster game – Karina Osynskaya, Yegor Tugarev, Christian Busygin and Bogdan Kavatsyuk – have received certificates for free courses from KidSoft.

The Sokoban puzzle, developed by Satirenko Ilia, Satirenko Pavlo and Kontar Ilya, got a distinction from Valtech and DAN.IT.

A visual novel The Lucky Iron, developed by Roman Scutarovsky, Artem Grechko and Osama Cabrit, was featured with gifts from Valtech and KidSoft.

Dmitry Khomich, who created the 4Words English Language Support Site, received gifts from EPAM, Svitla Systems and Valtech.

The site for social assistance Volonteer and its creators Sizov Vitalina, Rostislav and Anton were awarded with gifts from GlobalLogic.

CountyEd web service developers Oleksandr Tarnovsky, Yevgen Ostashko, Oleksiy Simak, Dmitry Pupen, Ilya Mosienko and Polina Marushenko got certificates from EDUGET.

Golik Fedor, Chernyakov Mykhailo and Oleksandr Shiluk were awarded for the creation of a 2D detective Crime Scene: Hotel by KidSoft.

The Run, Dino, Run game is also pleasing to KidSoft, and its creators Alexander Andreev, Bogdan Zlotenko, Dmitry Martsinovsky, Dmitry Stepanov and Lev Tsisaruk received gifts.

The classic Snake game has made Valtech and Svitla Systems felt nostalgic, for which its author, Gerasimchuk Mykhailo, won the prize.

The creators of the 3D modeling program Andriychuk Irina, Kshivansky Denis, Kosikov Yaroslav, Savitsky Volodymyr and Sokolov Yaroslav were awarded prizes from SoftServe Company.

Trip calculator, a program for the calculation of time and money, spend on a trip, created by Maksym Gulevyi, Andriy Schwaika, Anna and Timofiy Shkandyuk, and Volodymyr Kobelev, was also spotted by SoftServe, 

Ermolov Dmytro, the author of the program for calculating the cost of Picnic parties, has received prizes from EPAM and Valtech.

Kira Kryvenko, Ivan Pavlenko, Pavlo Matveev and Yevhen Tamarkin were awarded with prizes from Valtech for creating the Clever Bot.

Vlad Dzhagan and Belous Dmitry also received awards from Valtech for the Clock project.

The environmental project Ecolt (also from Valtech) was awarded to Charanda Pavlo, Chernyakov Daniil and Albina Tyrone.

Derdin Artem, Misik Glib and Danylo Zakharchenko received gifts from Kids Code for Improve Your Memory.

Also, all children received gift certificates from ITVDN.

"Now the biggest problem in Ukraine is a high-quality content for learning. ITVDN is a resource that generates such content. By now, the site has over 140 video courses for beginners and for specialists in the most popular and popular programming languages", – said Iryna Muzika, a representative of the company.

But not only the children were satisfied. Student mentors, who run children's projects, received free IT Weekend tickets and certificates from ITVDN.

The Association is extremely grateful to the project partners for their support – Valtech UkraineDaxxGlobalLogic UkraineLuxoft UkraineSoftServeDataArtSvitla SystemsEPAM UkraineITVDNDAN.IT educationVoltaEDUGETKyiv Maker Faire, Ukrainian Leaders Academy and KidsCode

We are also grateful to the Ministry of education of Ukraine, that supported the conduction of  CODE Summer.

All photos from the event are accessible via the link on our Facebook page by the link.