CIO WaterCooler Live: Modernise and Transform in London

CIO WaterCooler Live: Modernise and Transform in London

Last week, the representatives of the IT Ukraine Association attended the CIO WaterCooler Live: Modernise and Transform in London, UK.

The event was organized by CIO WaterCooler - one of the UK’s leading IT leadership communities, with over 4400+ CIOs, CTOs, and senior members from around the world to come together, share their news and views and discuss the challenges they are facing.

Main issues discussed were challenges and opportunities CIOs are currently facing, as well as future perspectives within the timespan of the next five to ten years.

Acting as one of the speakers, Konstantin Vasyuk, the Executive Director of the IT Ukraine  Association, described the current state of affairs within the Ukrainian IT industry and presented “Do IT like Ukraine” national research conducted by IT Ukraine Association.

The research analysed the role of the IT industry in Ukraine, its contribution to the national economy during the War, and the potential role of the sector in the future recovery of the country.

Within his speech, Konstantin shared that the Ukrainian tech industry has made considerable efforts to ensure its resilience and through its flexibility and reactivity and managed to grow by 10% compared to the previous pre-war year.

It wouldn’t be possible without the huge self-dedication and courage of IT industry representatives who deliver, volunteer, and protect us in cyberspace and on the front lines to face all upcoming challenges…Each of us (Ukrainians) is trying our best to contribute to the future of our country, and luckily, IT professionals have the power to help and defend in various ways,

- Konstantin said.

Additionally to the invitation to the event, the community proposed to the Association and its members the exclusive partnership proposal. So if you are a part of the IT Ukraine Association and would like to know more about the opportunity, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to know the details.

"IT Ukraine" Association is the largest national professional association of IT companies, which represents the interests of more than 130 service and product IT businesses and more than 85 thousand IT-professionals in Ukraine.