Ciklum Speakers’ Corner: Mobile app testing: How to create a winning strategy?

Ciklum Speakers’ Corner: Mobile app testing: How to create a winning strategy?


Mobile app testing is very tricky. The device and OS diversity create  a lot of challenges for us. Where do we start testing, and when do we stop? Which approach is more suitable for mobile?

The defined test strategy can be a sufficient answer to all of these questions. It will assist, remind, and guide you not to forget important checks and points. You will see why it shouldn’t be underestimated and how useful it is to keep a written record of your test strategy.  

What’s on:

  • Why do we need a strategy and how to avoid creating a useless document;
  • How to define test levels and test techniques for mobile (and what is its difference from web projects) ;
  • How to select target devices and test environments;
  • Why it is a good idea to add checklists and mobile tours to the testing strategy;
  • Do we need automation, and what are the main challenges of it;
  • What are mobile mnemonics, and how can we use them.


Kateryna Abzyatova has more than 10 years of professional experience, working as a Manual QA engineer. She tested Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. She also has ISTQB Mobile tester certification. Now Kateryna is a Senior QA Engineer in the manual unit.

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