Ciklum Speakers’ corner: Kafka

Ciklum Speakers’ corner: Kafka

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Kafka is at the heart of managing and processing streams of data. It’s one of the fastest-growing open-source projects nowadays, with an extensive ecosystem around it. Almost every leading tech company uses Kafka on its platform. 

So, why Kafka? What makes Kafka the centerpiece of a distributed system? Let’s find out!

Join the Ciklum Speakers’ corner “Kafka: the centerpiece of distributed systems” with Oleksandr Geryavenko, Head of Java Unit at Ciklum, on August 19 at 17:00, to discover useful practices, features, and insights.

About the speaker

Oleksandr Geryavenko has worked with Java technologies for ten years and has gained immense experience in Java, JS, Clouds, Kafka, Kubernetes, Spring. He was involved as a Technical Lead and a Solution Architect in various projects in such business domains as Financial Services, Retail, Travel, E-commerce. Now, Oleksandr is leading the Java Unit at Ciklum and builds expertise in Java and architecture.

What’s on:

  • Why (not how!) Kafka was born?
  • Basic Kafka bricks: topics, partition, offset, segments, producer, consumer, broker.
  • Mid: Kafka Streams, DMQ, delivery semantics, compaction, Kafka Connect, KSQL, replication, ISR.
  • Hard: atomic broadcast problem, Chandy-Lamport snapshot algorithm, transaction, idempotency, ZooKeeper, quorum, Raft, Paxos.
  • A journey from data-centric to API-centric to event-centric: what’s next?

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