Why we should care about BigData and how it works

Why we should care about BigData and how it works


In modern society, we do produce more data than ever. Companies are targeting building business models around new digital opportunities that are trending nowadays. Issues in the past such as the scalability of technical solutions could be well addressed today. Top tech companies in the world were built around Big Data. Big Data is an essential part of the business and opens new opportunities.

In this session, you will find what is Big Data, what kind of challenges it addresses, what kind of problems it solves, how this helps businesses to grow. We will take a look at a particular use case in the marketing area and see how it affects the company. I will portrait a typical data engineer and GL’s expectations on this position. We will review one of the training programs in GL.


Oleksandr Fedirko, CEE Head of BigData Practice at GlobalLogic. Trainer and mentor on BigData skills. BigData communities contributor.

Join if you

  • An IT company manager who plans to train his employees
  • The head of the educational institution who plans to implement new areas of study
  • A teacher who is interested in this field and plans or is already teaching BigData and wants to learn the vision of this speciality from the IT industry