Get ready for the top-class offline event in Chernihiv! Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS conference speakers are senior executives from Chernihiv.IT companies.

Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS is for those aspiring to start or develop their business, for startuppers, marketing professionals and managers from IT and beyond.

Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS content will impress the forward-thinking business community.

Ticket price: 450 UAH. Use the WELCOME promo code and buy the ticket at its starting price of 390 UAH.

Take this great opportunity to visit and enjoy the beautiful city of Chernihiv!


    • 10:00 — Yaroslav Tsyhanenko, CEO/Co-Founder at Dots Platform, will reveal how to get 100 000 $ for your startup from the state and corporations without transfer of shares, registration or SMS
    • 10:30 — Kseniia Skobelska, Video Marketing Manager at, on why your business needs a YouTube channel
    • 11:30 — Alina Dykukha, CEO at 13Chats, knows how not to stop halfway developing a startup
    • 12:00 — Viktor Kmita, CEO at, will share insights into key elements of corporate business in Europe and the USA. How understanding the cultural peculiarities helps to speak the same language with clients
    • 12:30 — How to build the largest marketplace in Kazakhstan while living in Ukraine by Maksym Melnyk, CEO at (EVO)
    • 14:00 — Arturas Kvederis, Managing Director at Valtech Ukraine, on Overcoming Covid-19 crisis: gains and losses
    • 14:30 — From Oleksandr Rys, Brand Ambassador at SendPulse: Building a brand in IT: from noname from Chernihiv to the top market player
    • 15:00 — Yuliia Daineko, COO at JEVERA, on ins and outs of operations management or how to run a business without leaving your home

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