Change fast!  Solutions that help digitalize your business

Change fast! Solutions that help digitalize your business

Off-line meetup by Sigma Software


The world urges business to be fast, it needs automation of all processes, visibility, and flexibility.

Over many years of routine work, we, at Sigma Software, have identified some low-code and no-code products, which help solve the complex tasks of digitalization of large and medium-sized businesses without engaging many technicians. That is especially important with the current competition in the highly skilled labor market.

At the event, we will present products that allow you to automate and accelerate key processes in a company, get added value from the data that has not been used before, visualize and analyze it. These products can be integrated into corporate systems quickly, securely, flexibly as well as resource- and cost-effectively.

  • Corezoid, Serhiy Danylenko, Co-founder
    Corezoid Process Engine allows building, managing, hosting, and running organization processes in the cloud without using code. The platform significantly reduces time-to-market and support costs due to the approach change: from hardcoding processes by developers to the ability to build and run processes by non-technicians.
  • ai, Iryna Shimko, Business Development Director
    Low-code \ No-code platform for automatic recognition of data in its original sources, mapping, and transferring it to the final database. Helps to speed up by 80% and reduce the cost of migrating data from old systems to new ones during merge and acquisition processes and the creation of analytical platforms with a large amount of disparate data.
  • ai, Anton Weisburd, Co-founder, CEO.
    Datrics is a cloud platform that helps make decisions based on data without code. The platform allows you to download data from files and connected services, and then process them for decision-making as well as to build machine learning models.
    The goal of the platform is to experiment more with data, to enable analysts and business analysts to create solutions that were previously only available to teams of professional data scientists and engineers. Today all this is possible thanks to a simple, intuitive interface with intelligent recommendations for the next steps.

These three solutions have already demonstrated the required level of security, reliability, and flexibility for corporations, without which it is impossible to remain competitive and respond to today's needs. During the presentation, we will talk about the features of their implementation, practical cases of integration, and the results achieved by companies through this integration.

After the presentation, we invite you to communicate with representatives of the projects.

The presentation will be useful to anyone interested in accelerating digitalization in their company.

The event is free. Registration by reference below is required

For additional information, please contact Svitlana Bovkun, +380672427856,

About the Speakers

Anton Weisburd
Anton is a co-founder and CEO of It is a no-code platform for data analysis and machine learning. Its clients are Revolut, financial institutions from the UK, and startups from the US. In 2021, Anton attracted more than $ 1 million of investment and joined YCombinator.

He is an enthusiast and evangelist of data-based processes. Besides, he is an experienced manager and consultant in the field of Data Science (PnL / revenue, delivery, team management, and customer service). Before Datrics, he ran the Data Science team at SoftServe and Barclays (in partnership with Epam).

Co-founder of the school "Physicist".

Iryna Shymko
Head of Kyiv office at Sigma Software, Business Development Director at For the last 14 years, Irina has been working in the field of project management, customer service, and expanding cooperation to find synergies at all levels of business.

She is a supervisor, mentor, and lecturer. Doubtless, Iryna is an enthusiast of data transformation, optimization, and analysis. Together with Sigma Software, she aims to develop products, including

Sergey Danylenko
VP at Middleware Inc., North America,

Serhiy is an international ambassador of the latest technologies created in Ukraine. He previously headed marketing at Privat Bank and was responsible for digital transformation. We must admit that the first iteration of Corezoid was created there.