CEO Meetup [ожидает перевода]

IT Ukraine held the CEO Meetup event

On December 17, Inlight Studio hosted CEO Meetup, which was devoted to the 15th anniversary of IT Ukraine this year. At CEO Meetup, we brought together over 100 representatives of member companies and friends of the Association in different areas: FinTech, education, development, insurance, etc.

The program included speeches of state officials, international partners of the Association and heads of IT companies, lots of networking activities and business acquaintances.

The event started with an speech of Taras Kytsmey, the co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of SoftServe, the President of IT Ukraine:

I would like to go back to the origins of the Association. In 2003, after attending a conference in St. Petersburg, we felt the need to join efforts of IT companies. Having returned to Ukraine, Mykola Roienko proposed to establish the Association.  One of our key ideas was that the Association be as transparent and democratic as possible. Both then and now, it is not only work, but also shared values unite us at the Association. I would greatly prefer that these values and sincere relations continue to be the foundation for the development of IT Ukraine and the industry as a whole.

Mykola Roenko, the founder and the first President of IT Ukraine, as well as the founder and President of Miratech, joined to opening remarks:

IT Ukraine was set up15 years ago by Miratech, Softline, SoftServe and Profix. I am glad that I had the honor to be elected the first President of the Association. Since then, IT Ukraine has become a leading and recognized industry association that is mature enough to effectively represent the IT industry in the dialogue with Ukrainian authorities and at the international level. I am proud to be part of such a great association. We enter  the next year with confidence and a sufficient margin of strengthr

Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, said:

Communication and everything related to the development of the IT industry in Ukraine are one of the priorities of our Ministry. That's why I am pleased to note that this year we had an effective dialogue between business and authorities. Perhaps, this was the first time in recent years that we all were on the same page; after all, we understand that IT is our chance for a quality breakthrough in the economy.

A memorandum between IT Ukraine and Nordic IT Association was signed within CEO Meetup. We would like to recall that today Norway is one of the TOP 10 countries where Ukrainian IT services are exported.

The Norway  economy is rapidly developing , technologies have penetrated into all business sectors: finance, recruiting, logistics and marketing. That is why we have a well-established demand for high-quality Ukrainian IT solutions. The cooperation between Nordic IT Association and IT Ukraine will promote the cooperation between the countries. Nordic IT Association is being a market player for almost 10 years, and today it is a leading institution in IT research, development of IT education and a whole industry. We're ready become a reliable partner for Ukraine for a long period

commented Alexander H Reay, President of the Nordic IT Association

The CEO Meetup was a logical continuation of the Annual General Meeting, during which the Association's annual report was presented and the Association's management elected.

Constantine Vasuk, Executive Director of IT Ukraine, said:

At IT Ukraine, we bring together talented and ambitious people from the IT industry who every time prove their willingness to deal with global challenges, particularly the growing personnel shortage in unstable economy. We deal with these issues and respond these challenges together. By its day-to-day activity the Association has proved its ability to keep constructive dialogue with the authorities and business, and is ready to share its experience and resources. We want Ukraine to become a country with developing talents. That is why we are working on the education system implementing our Join_IT, ClickToSchool and Synergy projects

We thank our partners for their help with CEO Meetup: UKRSIBBANK, ЖК Montreal, Paris Dessert, Enercell, Greguar Hotel & Apartments, Creative quarter, Finlandia

IT Ukraine − is the largest pool of service and product IT companies in Ukraine, collectively accounting for 50% of all IT industry's export earnings in Ukraine and bringing together 27% of Ukrainian IT professionals. The Association has been operating in the market for over 15 years. Our mission is to provide favorable conditions for the development of IT in the country and abroad. More details on our Facebook