Busting the Myths about Solution Architects

Busting the Myths about Solution Architects

Language: Russian


A decade ago, Solution Architects sounded exotic and unusual. Now, most businesses require them (even if they don’t understand it). Organizations in need of digital transformations require streamlining of the IT processes. Here, an expert with a specific skill set and a passion for business approaches and technology solutions is a must. Still, the very notion of Solution Architecture and Solution Architects is clouded by several misconceptions and myths. We’re going to bust the most common ones during this webinar, so join our improvised talk show!

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About the speakers

Kostiantyn Khodykin is a Solution Architect at Ciklum with solid tech expertise in software development. During the last 3+ years, Kostiantyn was involved as a Solution Architect in various financial, entertainment, and retail projects.  

Sergii Zachepylo a Solution Architect at Ciklum with 10+ years of tech experience using the .NET framework and Microsoft technology stack in general. During the last 2+ years, Serhii was involved as an Application/Solution Architect in various risk-management, retail, and media projects.

During the discussion will dot the i’s about the following myths

  • An architect is an advanced engineer
  • An architect is a manager
  • Technology is complex
  • The customer knows what to do
  • The customer does not know what to do
  • Agile: wrongs and rights
  • Additionally, we’ll dive deep into a typical working day of a Solution Architect and answer the most interesting questions from the audience (so do not hesitate to prepare them in advance!)