Build-up: DevOps Edition

Build-up: DevOps Edition


We invite you to join the Cloud Builders Build-up: DevOps Edition, the topic of the Build-up is Azure! The event is supported by Intellias.


  • The Build-up will be devoted to the deployment of both infrastructure and software to Microsoft Azure Services. During the event, you will meet:  
    • Thomas Stringer, Principal Software Engineer Lead at Microsoft
    Thomas will give a tech talk with a focus on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) CI/CD with GitHub  
    • Oleksandr Karpenko, Senior DevOps Engineer at Intellias
    Oleksandr will present a lighting talk, the topic is “Azure Policy + Terraform = Policy-As-Code”  
    • Join us for Fireside chats about DevOps + Azure with:
    Dylan Beattie, Systems architect and developer at Ursatile Osama Mustafa, Cloud & DevOps Expert   Moderates: Maxim Salnikov, Developer Engagement Lead at Microsoft

Participation is free