Bottleneck Night

Bottleneck Night

Estimation VS Reality

About event

Bottleneck Night: Estimation VS Reality is the event aimed at sharing the Innovecs’ experience in the effective project estimation. It takes place on November 6th in InnoHub, the Innovecs’ innovative media environment. If you provide the client with the correct time and effort estimations, chances are you will meet their expectations on the project outcomes.

Working with the client’s expectations is not less important as working on the development of the product.


  • 19:00 Welcome coffee
  • 19:15 Welcome word
  • 19:30 Sergey Khandogin, CTO at Innovecs
  • 20:00 Ihor Vakulenko, Senior Software Engineer at Innovecs
  • 20:30 Olexandr Katrusha, Senior Technical Program Manager at Innovecs
  • 21:00 Beer Networking Party

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About Speakers

Sergey Khandogin

The CTO at Innovecs

Sergey has over 20 years of experience in the IT-sphere, so he has had a chance to work with various clients according to various cooperation models and scenarios. At the event, he will outline the factors that require the most attention and time and will explain how to respond to “the project needs only minor corrections” client’s phrase.

Ihor Vakulenko

The Senior Software Engineer at Innovecs

Ihor is PHP-guru, wonderful team lead, and problem solver. He will describe the “reality” of the developer’s working life. Ihor will tell how to effectively build the entire process and remain calm and balanced when the client unexpectedly changes his requirements and creates new tasks right during the process of development.

Olexandr Katrusha

The Senior Technical Program Manager at Innovecs

He has 17 years of experience in the development, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise systems. Olexandr will tell about the recurrence of the same mistakes made on different projects and how to notice and solve them on time. Based on his experience, he will reveal the secret of how to effectively manage the project regardless of the mistakes made in the development process.