Blockchain experts share insights and experience

Blockchain experts share insights and experience

The first Intellias Blockchain Talks will take place on September 28. During this thematic online event, experts from various fields will share their knowledge, real cases, and experience using blockchain technology. 

The blockchain combines trends, technology, and trade. These are the main aspects experts will focus on at Intellias Blockchain Talks. During the event, four speakers with according experience will deliver three hours of first-class presentations. In turn, Intellias will introduce blockchain use cases in financial technologies, agriculture, healthcare, and beyond. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of some of the industry’s top innovators. 

Among the speakers at the event will be Yevhen Mariiko, Senior Delivery Manager at Intellias, who will speak on the topic of blockchains in a regulated environment. Yevhen will share his experience working with blockchain technology in the healthcare field, where there is a strict ban on the use and distribution of private information about patients. 

Dmytro Lennyi, Delivery Director and AgriTech Practice Leader at Intellias, will give a talk on how the blockchain helps agro businesses increase transparency and prevent fraud. 

Yaroslav Musii, Delivery Director, Head of Department at Intellias will present a talk titled “Crypto as the new norm”. On September 28, he will talk about new opportunities for the FinTech industry that have appeared along with the popularization of cryptocurrency. He will also share secrets of crypto trading and technical features of its integration into existing trading platforms. 

Francesco Boni will also join the event, addressing the topic of asset-backed NFTs and fine art tokenization. Francesco is the co-founder of, a blockchain-based FinTech platform that allows users to invest in and trade art in the same way stocks are traded in financial markets. In 2018, he was included in Forbes Italia’s 100 Best Entrepreneurs Under 30 list as one of the most successful Italians in the venture capital segment. 

Participation in Intellias Blockchain Talks is free, but registration is required via this link

Join the event and don’t miss the chance to learn more about the tech experience that is changing the world! 

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