Beetroot acquires 18 tech professionals from IT team Oxygen Soft

Beetroot acquires 18 tech professionals from IT team Oxygen Soft

April 6, 2021 — Stockholm — Beetroot AB expands its Kharkiv presence acquiring 18 tech experts from the IT team Oxygen Soft. The deal aims at further increasing Beetroot's already proven capacity to serve its growing client base in Mobile Development.      

Started in 2020 by Oleh Lavrentyev, the Oxygen Soft team encompasses highly-skilled mobile application developers with iOS Native, Android Native, Flutter cross-platform, and UI/UX expertise. 

The story of our cooperation with Beetroot began more than five years ago, long before Oxygen Soft was launched. Not only did we build many great applications together, but we also developed strong, trusting relations. Beetroot's culture has always been resonating with our values, so integration is the next logical step in the continuous evolution of our relationship. We are excited to achieve new and even more impactful goals as we advance,

says Oleh Lavrentyev, Founder and CEO of Oxygen Soft. 


We're delighted to acquire such a skilled and spirited team of tech professionals from Oxygen Soft, our long-term collaborator. With over 50+ Beets in our Kharkiv office now, we keep moving forward in our mission to make a difference in the world as a tech ecosystem while continuing to deliver excellence for our clients, 

says Andreas Flodström, Co-Founder and CEO of Beetroot AB.


Beetroot AB has a notable track-record of acquiring and further expanding its expertise through successful deals with Stockholm-based Aducera Consulting, Kremenchuk-based Onlinico, and Zhytomyr-based Oldmin in 2019-2020. Flodström comments:

Each integration aligns perfectly with Beetroot's original ethic of creating a people-centered environment to build powerful tech solutions. Simply speaking, we get great people together to cook some great Borsch.



About Beetroot AB
Beetroot AB is a Swedish tech company that provides IT solutions and builds teams of tech experts in Ukraine to help clients around the world realize their technology visions. Founded in 2012, the company is on a mission to create sustainable social, economic, and environmental impact at scale.

Beetroot AB is the first member of Beetroot Ecosystem, which additionally includes Beetroot Consulting AB, Beetroot Academy, Beetroot Tech Hub, and a vast network of pre-vetted development houses. Beetroot Academy is a well-established network of IT schools in Ukraine. Transferred to work entirely online in 2020, the academy has educated approximately 2% of Ukraine's tech talent.
Currently, the Beetroot Ecosystem comprises over 500 specialists in Ukraine and Sweden. 
Read more about Beetroot AB here.

About Oxygen Soft
The Kharkiv-based IT team Oxygen Soft has united expert software engineers with vast experience in Mobile Development. Founded by Oleh Lavrentyev, the owner of Olearis, the company demonstrates thorough competence in delivering mobile app solutions to European and US clients.