BCS Partnership Opportunity

BCS Partnership Opportunity

BCS is a wider community of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers all committed to the mission to ensure everyone’s experience with technology is positive uniting over 60,000 members in 150 countries.

As a charity with a royal charter, the community’s agenda is to lead the IT industry through its ethical challenges, to support the people who work in the industry, and to make IT good for society.

After signing the Memorandum with practical steps of cooperation at the end of the previous year, IT Ukraine and BCS held a series of meetings and are now ready to share with members of the Association the list of exclusive opportunities.

All our members have a possibility to obtain an Individual Membership in BCS for free and get a certification as an IT professional to develop your IT skills with a BCS qualification, as well as improve and validate your competence and the value you bring to your organization.

In order to get the membership, you need to register on the BCS website as Professionals, fill out a form and enter a promo code when proceeding to payment. To get the promo code, please contact bіlobrova@itukraine.org.ua.

Among other activities jointly planned between BCS and IT Ukraine Association, we are now ready to announce the following events:

  • Webinar “Resilience in a time of conflict”. TBC.
  • Webinar ‘Policy Jam: Cybersecurity and Cyber warfare in Ukraine’. TBC.
  • Networking event in London with a panel discussion. TBC.

If you are willing to put forward an expert from your Company for these events, please contact bilobrova@itukraine.org.ua.