AWS Academy is the best way to teach students cloud technology

AWS Academy is the best way to teach students cloud technology

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Cloud technologies are still relatively new, so the demand for such specialists in the coming years will continue to grow steadily. It is very important for educational institutions that position themselves as training specialists for the IT industry to effectively teach students modern cloud services. AWS Academy provides access not only to relevant training materials, tests, but also to a test environment for improve practical skills in working with AWS.

During the webinar there will be a live demonstration of the AWS Academy functionality and the peculiarities of the implementation of AWS Academy programs in the educational process in Ukrainian universities will be discussed.

Join if you:

  • The head of the higher educational institution, department, the responsible person for educational training programs, who plans to increase the level of teaching cloud technologies.
  • Educator who is interested in this field and plans or already teaches courses in cloud technology, ML/AI, Data Analytics, etc.

About the Speaker

Andrii Kostromytskyi - Ph.D., Associate Professor. For the last 4 years he is leading trainer of the DevOps course at EPAM University Program and for almost 3 years he is the head of Cloud & DevOps training. Andrii has 20+ years of education experience at NURE. Of these, 10+ years in organizational and managerial roles. Since 2020 - certified AWS Academy Educator.

We will consider the following issues

  • Why AWS?
  • How can the university and faculty participate in the AWS Academy program?
  • Why is certification important?
  • Review of training programs.
  • Demonstration of AWS Academy capabilities.
  • What are the options for implementing AWS Academy programs in the educational process at the university.