Astound Talks | PMO Meetup #23 Online

Astound Talks | PMO Meetup #23 Online

Speakers and topics

Stanislava Kaminska, Senior Project Manager — "Astounding way to deal with Lessons Learned"

Stanislava will talk about how to elicit useful knowledge from various project stakeholders and apply the derived lessons learned to future projects company-wide in an effective manner. You will find out how to set up a process of dealing with lessons learned from Astound Commerce’s PMO experience.

Anastasiia Horova, Senior Product Manager — "A Guide to Starting a Project the Right Way"

Anastasiia will share insights on how to start a project off the right foot to lay a solid foundation for success. You will learn to shape how your project develops with the tips on estimation and project-scoping, assigning resources, briefing, and get some important tips on the stakeholder management.