Astound Talks | BA Meetup # 22 Online

Astound Talks | BA Meetup # 22 Online


Astound Commerce invites you to join a webinar focused on the role of Business Analyst in a service IT-company.

In this meetup, we will talk about how a Business Analyst role is linked to that of a Product Owner. We will also see how the service companies adapt the process of Solution Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to use the approaches and frameworks of the product firms and startups.

Additionally, we are going to talk about the communication with project stakeholders and how to set up this process to get the best outcome. Our speaker will share a step-by-step approach on how to identify the most important stakeholders, how to choose the right style of communication and plan/organise collaboration in the most effective way.

Speakers and topics

  • Roman Brakovyi, Senior Business Analyst — «Product Ownership in Outsource»
  • Olesia Ivanova, Senior Business Analyst — «Stakeholder communication: let’s do it the right way»