a-Gnostics: Feedback

Andriy Starzhynskyi

Andriy Starzhynskyi

CEO, a-Gnostics

After February 24 and declaring martial law, it became more difficult to attract new customers. From the very beginning, we were in touch with colleagues from the Association: sending short messages if everyone was relatively safe, as well as setting long video calls to tell our stories and to hear from others when it was necessary.

We need to create a strong community to make Ukrainian IT even stronger, so it has its shared business development vision for upcoming years and this decision is agreed at all levels, without pivots - because our community is no longer a startup, but a company. We were given the opportunity to hold a speech at a webinar held by the Association for Japanese colleagues. It is nice to see other activities that take place as part of IT Ukraine's international operation to help attract new customers.

Ukrainian IT community has suffered because of the War - not so much physically, perhaps, but specialists also lose their homes, their friends and relatives are wounded and killed, everyone suffers mentally, not all families have a possibility to be together now, a lot of money is transferred to the Armed Forces. We advise people to find new strength in themselves, to become even smarter and more spiritual, to work even better, surely no one can beat us being so strong. We advise businesses to look for new markets for their services, to create new services, to look for global grants, even if beforehand it seemed that the business could not get a grant. Through our work, we are all bringing the victory of Ukraine closer.