N-iX's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Andrew Pavliv

Andrew Pavliv

CEO & Co-founder N-iX

N-iX has been a member of IT Ukraine Association since 2007. We appreciate the invaluable contribution the Association makes to the development of the Ukrainian IT industry uniting its key players and consolidating our efforts.

N-iX has always invested in the development of local tech and business communities. We joined the Association to enhance this impact. Together with other members, we are working on the challenges that are common for the entire industry.

First of all, we focus on developing our talents and improving education as this is the foundation of our future growth. The Ukrainian IT talent pool unites around 200,000 professionals. It is not the biggest in the world just yet, but we can certainly compete in the quality of our engineering skills. Secondly, our common goal is to promote Ukraine as the leading IT hub and strengthen its image on the international business arena. And the Association’s work plays a major role in creating a collective voice of the community both at home and across the globe. Also, it’s important to keep the dialogue between businesses, the government, and society to make sure we are all moving in the same direction towards our common goals. Only through collaboration can we turn all these challenges into opportunities. 

Every year, N-iX joins the Association’s initiatives to work on these tasks. We hope our community will get bigger every year building new partnerships and boosting our shared success.