АI Ukraine 2018

АI Ukraine 2018

The V International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


AI Ukraine is the biggest meetup to share experience, discuss the latest developments in the sphere of artificial intelligence and intellectual data processing for IT specialists. 

We will focus on the latest news, developments and successful cases of the application of Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Big Data, Robotics and Computer Vision.

This year we will be having a series of workshops for half a day in addition to 2 streams of speeches.

We have invited gifted scientists, Data Scientists and Machine Learning specialists with international experience and participation in scientific research projects to speak at the conference. Speakers are scientists, researchers and engineers from world famous universities and companies: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Tartu, Facebook AI Research, Booking.com, H2O.ai, Skyscanner, Grammarly, DataRobot, etc. The conference attendance has grown from 260 to 800 participants in the last 5 years. You can find the list of the speakers and their speeches on the website www.aiukraine.com/


This conference will be interesting for: Data Scientists, Machine Learning and Big Data Developers, BI Engineers, Solution Architects, Business Analytics and Data Analytics, DB Architects, Business Owners, CEO, CTO, R&D Specialists and Researchers.

What are the speeches about?

  • Virtual reality: modern trends and applications
  • Deep Learning: recent achievements in information retrieval, object recognition and speech perception
  • Linguistics in NLP: why is it so difficult?
  • Chatbots: advantages and disadvantages of models, frameworks and approaches for their development
  • Machine learning in practice: ML models and applications for bioinformatics, e-commerce, real estate market, air travel and travel, etc.
  • How to combine the power of AI and IoT to build a successful business

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