Agile Forum 2020

Agile Forum 2020


About the event:

On September 26 the first case study Agile Forum organized by Agile Drive will be held in Kyiv. You will hear the whole truth, feel the fun and the drama of business transformations as well as learn about the experience of companies on the example of real cases.

Agile Forum will gather more than 250 participants from such areas as banking, FMCG, creative, retail, HoReCa, e-commerce and  IT, and will include two streams of speaches. Representatives of top ukrainian and world companies will share their experiense in implementation of changes. Among them Ceska Sporitelna, Epikur, Evo, Raiffeisen Bank, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, EVA, Vodafone, Banda, ВАТ, McDonald’s. Silvana Wasitova (Switzerland), Giuseppe De Simone (Sweden),  and Ukrainian Dmytro Baranov, Olena Kryzhanovska, Dmytro Adabir, Yury Lytvynenko, Yuliia Puzyriova, Artem Bykovets.

Conference organizer - AgileDrive.

Having positive experience of Agile implementing in top international and national companies, we understood how to make Scrum really work and bring value to the business. Therefore, we will help adapt flexible approaches to the context of your company. You can change the traditional management model, which does not keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of the market, and move to a new level to achieve better results.

Agile Forum basic values:

  • Practitioners to practitioners

We don't want another reports “about nothing” that retell the same books and theories. You will learn real cases. And not only coaches will share their experience, ups and downs, but also representatives of the companies in which the transformation took place.


  • Safety atmosphere

As usual at our events, there are no strangers here. Therefore, you can freely talk about your difficulties and pains, successes and achievements, share the truth and find out about the experience of others.


  • The simpler the better

No office suits, pathos and pomposity. We are for simplicity. We are for frankness. We are for warm-heartedness. And we will talk easily about the most difficult things. 


  • You are not alone

That’s true. You're not alone on Agile transformations' battlefield. Someone already faced the same problems, and you can help someone as well. Exchange of experience and mutual assistance – foundation for a solid community.


  • View from a new angle

For business representatives Agile Forum is an opportunity to hear about transformations not only from coaches and consultants, but from the same business representatives. And for coaches it's a great chance to learn the client's point of view.

For whom Agile Forum?

  • Business representatives who want to start Agile transformations
  • For those who began the transformation, but something doesn't work
  • For those who want to understand Agile, Scrum, and learn more about transformations
  • For those who are at the beginning of the path of transformation and who lack support
  • Scrum-masters, Agile-coaches
  • Change Agents

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Yuri Koziy

Yuri Koziy

Agile Coach, organizational consultant, founder of AgileDrive

Key Clients:
Vodafone, Philip Morris, Eva, Watsons, gang agency and others.

Yuriy Litvinenko

Yuriy Litvinenko

Agile Coach, Coach, Co-organizer of Retreats for the Agile Community

As a scientific editor-consultant, I help to publish Ukrainian translations of professional literature.

Giuseppe De Simone

Giuseppe De Simone

Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Enterprise and Team Coach

His education and skills are heavily influenced by having been Scout for more than 30 years and Scout Leader for more than 20.