Exhibition of advanced technologies for business and home

Event Description


The Conference and Exhibition of Advanced Technology Solutions for Home and Business, ADVANCED'2018, will be a significant event for progressive people who combine the development of their business and creation of comfortable living conditions with the active usage of technologies that used to be a science fiction a few years ago.

Leading companies of the world and the Eastern European region will demonstrate the best modern solutions and technologies of integrated energy, electrical engineering and solutions for smart home, automation and robotization of business processes and production, work and life for business and life, 3D printers and 3D scanners for business and home, electrocars, electroscooters, electrobicycles, gyroscooters, gyro wheels and all kind of sensors.

Key Topics

  • Advanced Energy – Innovative energy solutions, Smart Energy, Mobile Energy; 
  • Advanced Manufacturing  future technologies of Аutomation and Manufacturing; 
  • Advanced Home – Technologies and solutions for Smart House; 
  • Advanced 3D - 3D printing and 3D scanning; 
  • Advanced Robotics – Robotization of business-processes and Manufacture; 
  • Advanced Vehicles – Transport Innovations - electrocars, electroscooters, gyroscooters, gyro wheels and electrobicycles.

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