About the branch

IT-industry is an integral part of a global, creative economy based on talents and knowledge


IT-education development in Ukraine

Today Ukrainian IT-industry employs over 120,000 highly skilled professionals. According to the forecasts of experts and market players, in 2018 their number will increase by 25%, and by 2025 the industry will have 200 thousand programmers.

Joint work on the development of human capital and the modernization of technical education in the country is one of the key areas of the Association's work and a guarantee for further growth of the industry. Uniting representatives of the business community, profile government agencies and educational institutions, we are acting as a platform for the development of educational projects and initiatives of a national scale, creating opportunities for the implementation of young talents, forming the future education of Ukraine.

Key Vectors:

  • Youth guidance;
  • Ukrainian IT-education modernization and development of new curricula;
  • Support of the state and private initiatives on technical education development.