5 Steps to Maximum Security in Azure

5 Steps to Maximum Security in Azure


Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers a wide range of tools and security services to protect your data and resources. We are sure that you are interested in specific, practical things: how each of these services works, what to pay attention to in the first place, what valuable advice Сrayon experts can give you.

Сrayon team and Microsoft invite you to the online workshop:

  • Practical experience
  • Only effective tools
  • Successful cases of VS fuckups
  • E-guide "5 Steps to Maximum Security in Azure" from Crayon specialists for every workshop’s participant.

We’ll talk about

  • Information security trends in the cloud. Security Assessment from Сrayon
  • Identification and Access Management
  • Protect your hybrid and Azure resources with Azure Security Center
  • Threat detection with unique analytics
  • Deploy a reliable network infrastructure with built-in security management tools