Three members of the Association were named among the best by SFS

Three members of the Association were named among the best by SFS

For the first time, IT-service providing companies were included in the first twenty of TOP-100 of the best companies of Ukraine by financial indicator, concluded by a magazine "Visnyk. The Right to Know All About Taxes and Duties". 

At the last special issue “Visnyk. Rating”, #3-4 (6) September 28, 2017 of State Fiscal Service "Visnyk. The Right to Know All About Taxes and Duties" there was published a TOP 100 of the best Ukrainian companies by a financial indicator. For the first time in TOP-20 were included IT-service providing companies. 

In the TOP 20 were included companies providing IT-services, which operate in Ukraine: EPAM Systems - the 2nd place; Infopulse Ukraine – 11th place; GlobalLogic Ukraine – 18th place in the rating. 

The ranking compilers analyzed the financial position of companies because it is one of the main indicators of the efficiency of management and covers such vital business indicators as the company's financial resources for business, the feasibility of placing these resources and the effectiveness of their usage in financial relations with other players of the market. 

Today, the IT-industry is gaining momentum for Ukraine. Having taken the third position among domestic export spheres, the industry remains one of the main sources of currency income. The growth of financial indicators of the IT-market players clearly has a positive impact on other sectors of the country's economy - along with the welfare of companies, new jobs are being created and the amount of taxes paid is increasing

Yurii Antoniuk, Managing Director of the Ukrainian office of EPAM Systems, President of the IT Ukraine Association 

Representatives of the companies that got in the rating believe that such results testify the rapid development of the domestic IT-market.  

Including three IT-companies to the TOP-100 of the best companies of Ukraine by financial indicators proves that the leaders of our IT-market are rapidly developing and become drivers of the creative economy of Ukraine. The key asset in this process is IT-specialists who are able to implement complex and science-intensive projects. Therefore, GlobalLogic will continue to invest in the development of engineering talents, bringing the expertise to the Ukrainian market. We believe that the more high-tech developments will be created in Ukraine, the more dynamic the Ukrainian economy will develop in general

Ihor Bida, Managing Director of GlobalLogic in Ukraine

The IT-industry is an important component of economic success and a prerequisite for the progress of our country. Working with both domestic and foreign customers, Ukrainian IT-companies contribute to improving the image of the country on the world market. It also has a positive impact on the growth of the economy, investment and initiates a mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and other countries. It is important to realize that on the world market Ukraine is truly technologically competitive and is known by its professional engineers. We have many talents, our own ideas and products. Already today, by joint efforts, we are changing our country for the better

Oleksiy Sigov, President of Infopulse