18 Ukrainian companies hit the TOP 100 of the best IT-service providers

18 Ukrainian companies hit TOP 100 of the best IT-service providers

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) during its annual Outsourcing World Summit, held on February, 18-21 in Orlando, Florida, traditionally summed up the results of the year and released a list of the world's top IT-service providers - The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100. 

The rating of the company is based on a number of criteria, among which: customer reviews, rewards and certificates received, number of employees, growth dynamics, innovation in the provision of services, availability of projects for corporate social responsibility. The final list of top suppliers consists of 75 major players (Leaders, annual revenue of $50 mln. and/or 5,000 professionals) and 25 emerging companies (Rising Star category). 

This year 18 IT-companies that were founded or operate on Ukrainian territory were ranked in the world TOP-100 list, which is 5 times more than last year. 

The list of the best IT-service providers based in Ukraine is as follows (a total of 12 companies, of which 4 were first ranked): 

  • AMC Bridge. Rated for the first time. Ukrainian company with offices is Dnipro, Sumy, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsy; 
  • Ciklum. Included in the TOP 5 largest IT-companies in Ukraine by DOU (2500+ specialists). Has debuted on the list of IAOP two years ago. And in 2016 and 2017, ranking makers especially marked the innovation of the company in providing services, positive customer feedback and corporate social responsibility projects; 
  • ELEKS. In Ukraine, the company has over 1100 specialists (9th place by DOU). For the first time, it hit the rating in 2015, appearing in just a few subcategories of the best-emerging companies (Rising Star). In recent years, ranking makers have noted innovation in the provision of services, customer feedback, international awards received by the company; 
  • Infopulse. First time in the list. The company was founded in 1991 in Kyiv. Today it occupies the sixth place in TOP-50 Ukrainian IT-companies DOU rating (1600+ specialists); 
  • Innovecs. First time in the list as well. An American company headquartered in Kiev, founded by a Ukrainian. 36th place in the rating by DOU (440+ specialists in Ukraine); 
  • Intellias. Another fresh blood in the list. Was included to the TOP-50 Ukrainian IT-companies rating by DOU (800+ specialists, 16th in the list); 
  • Miratech. 780+ specialists in Ukraine (17th in DOU rating). The company is one of the domestic veterans in IAOP, it has taken place in the list for 6 years in a row. It is known for its positive reviews, innovation, international awards and certificates; 
  • N-iX. Almost new on the list - the debut of the company in the rating took place in 2017. In 2016 IAOP beside of rank noted its positive dynamics of income growth and the number of the company. Today, the company employs 745 specialists in Ukraine and it occupies 18th place in rating DOU TOP-50; 
  • Program Ace. First appearance of the company from Kharkiv in The Global Outsourcing 100 was last year, drawing attention by positive feedbacks from its clients and projects in a sphere of corporative social responsibility; 
  • Sigma Software. In the list since 2016. For the first time, it was listed thanks to positive customer feedbacks, at the same year individually allocated the number of specialists, the growth rate and revenues in the Rising Star category. Last year, IAOP, in addition to customer feedback from the company, also noted its corporate social responsibility projects; 
  • Softengi. Has already been included to the rating in 2014, 2015 and 2017. During these years, among the strengths of the company, the drafters highlighted the quality of work with clients, based on the latest reviews. In 2015, there was a list of the best companies in the category of Rising Stars in terms of revenue growth and number of specialists; 
  • SoftServe. First appearance in The Global Outsourcing 100 was in 2010 and up to 2012 took place in the Rising Star category, but in 2004 has already switched to Leader-list. Most often came to the rating thanks to reviews, innovations and international awards. Today Ukrainian offices of the company employ over 4,800 specialists. 

Miratech and SoftServe are traditionally considered as pioneers of the Ukrainian IT-market: we are one of the founders of the IT Ukraine Association, one of the first to receive international ISO and CMM certificates, the first to be ranked by the best outsourcing companies in the world. I am very glad that today we have such a powerful team in this prestigious list. I am sure that 18 is far from the limit, and vacant positions are still enough. Our IT-companies have learned to provide world-class service and to do good PR for the industry and for the whole country a long time ago. And this adds confidence in the future, because good advertising is a driving force for sales

Mykola Roenko, Founder & President of Miratech  

Besides, 6 more international companies which have offices in Ukraine were included in the TOP-100:  

  • Artezio. First time in the rating. Has an R&D office in Kharkiv; 
  • EPAM Systems. A permanent member of the rating from the very moment of its creation in 2006 (dropped from the rating only in 2015). Last year, EPAM Systems received award winners for all possible criteria - growth rates, feedback, availability of awards throughout the year, innovative service delivery, and corporate social responsibility projects. Today, more than 5500 specialists work in EPAM Systems Ukraine (the first place in TOP-50 IT-companies of Ukraine according to DOU); 
  • Itera. A newcomer to The Global Outsourcing 100. Last year, the company received award-winning ratings for positive customer feedback and service innovation, but was not included in the TOP 100 list; 
  • Luxoft. In the rating since 2006. In 2017, it received distinctions in four out of five possible categories: level of growth, feedback, innovation, availability of awards throughout the year; 
  • Softjourn. Is in The Global Outsourcing 100 since 2015, winning sympathies by its projects in corporative social responsibility sphere, innovations in providing service and good reputation among clients; 
  • TEAM International Services. For the first time it entered the rating in 2011 and since then remains a regular participant. In addition to the usual honors for high customer ratings and innovation, the success of the company in the field of corporate social responsibility is also highlighted. 

Unfortunately, the international company Intetics, which has R&D centers in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv, and had been on The Global Outsourcing 100 since 2010, was not represented in 2018 ranking.

Analyzing The Global Outsourcing 100 since its creation in від 2006 рік we can point out an important tendency – growing impact of corporative social responsibility (CSR) on the international company’s image. For the first time, CSR as an evaluation criterion appeared in 2014 as a “bonus”. But in two years already CSR become an important criterion of the rating. Today, corporate social responsibility is a critical parameter not only for the inclusion of the company in The Global Outsourcing 100 and other lists but also for successful business dealing with international companies in global markets. 

It should be noted that the results of the rating in recent years reflects the growing number of Ukrainian IT-companies that implemented corporate social responsibility projects. 

So far the only TOP-100 list of global IT-service providers, without any distinctions and categories, has been published by contributors. This information will be available for review on April 16, 2018.  

The growing number of domestic companies in the IAOP rating is an important indicator of the development of innovation and IT-business in the country. Only in the last few years the number of IT-service market players operating in Ukraine has almost doubled in the rating. The results of The Global Outsourcing 100 this year prove that we have learned not only to create high-tech solutions for our clients but also to conduct high-quality business with the best world standards

Oleksander Kubrakov, Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association

"Now we see the emerging community of IT-companies focused on social initiatives and the development of the IT- industry in the country. Last year, N-iX nominated Ukraine for the GSA UK Awards, where we won the Offshoring Destination of the Year category. In addition, in January 2018, together with several other members of the IT Ukraine Association, we joined the organization of the first Ukrainian House during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Results The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100, where the share of Ukrainian companies is steadily growing, is a continuation of this trend to strengthen the Ukrainian IT-community and, therefore, Ukraine's brand in the world", -  sais Andrew Pavlov, CEO and Founder of N-iX.

Other representatives of companies, included in the rating, share the belief in a high-level of service as the reason of their success.

"We have a vision for the development of IT for business around the world, and such recognition as the ranking in The Global Outsourcing 100 confirms that we are on the right way. We will continue to provide the highest level of service, paying special attention to the wishes of each of our clients", - Vitali Sedler, CEO in Intellias.

"The inclusion of Ukrainian IT-companies in the list of the best outsourcers in the world has become a tradition. The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 has once again confirmed that the Ukrainian IT-industry is on the forefront of the global market. 18 companies from Ukraine on the list - this is an important indicator of adherence to the best international standards and qualitatively rendered services. We can say that the IT-industry has already become a whole separate cluster that drives Ukraine towards the TOP countries in the field of information technology", - comments Stepan Veselovsky, CEO of the Lviv IT Cluster.