12 IT associations have joined to overcome the impact of COVID-19

12 IT associations have joined to overcome the impact of COVID-19

12 business associations who represent the interests of outsourcing companies around the world have joined forces to overcome the effects of the coronary crisis in the IT industry. Named The Global Technology & Business Service Council (GT & BSC), the initiative began its work in June 2020.

The representative body of 12 business associations called Global-12 includes associations that together represent the interests of more than 10 thousand technology companies, startups, etc .:

  1. Global Sourcing Association (GSA), United Kingdom
  2. IT Ukraine Association, Ukraine

  3. IAOP, USA

  4. Deutscher Outsourcing Verband - German Outsourcing Association, Germany

  5. The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), Poland

  6. Association for innovation, business excellence, services and technology (AIBEST), Bulgaria

  7. The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), India

  8. Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA), South Africa

  9. Outsourcing Malaysia (OM), Malaysia

  10. Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM), Sri Lanka

  11. Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Egypt

  12. Astra Strategic Outsourcing Association, Russia.

 The initiative was organized by the British Global Sourcing Association (GSA). In the framework of cooperation, the associations agreed that:

  • share their practices, cases, analytical data of local markets that may be useful to other participants in Global-12;
  • to form a joint information agenda to overcome the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic;
  • develop and pool human resources within the global IT market.

The task of the Association in the framework of Global-12 is to show how flexible and innovative Ukrainian IT is when changing paradigms. And cooperation with international associations is one of the most effective tools to achieve this goal. 

— says Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director of the IT Ukraine Association

GT & BSC members have already announced a list of issues they will work on first. 

Those include:

  1. Conducting a global set of research that will better understand the global state of the industry and prepare a report indicating areas for further development;
  2. Discuss with potential stakeholders, including buyers, suppliers, governments, and analysts. The goal is to form a position and point of view that will promote digital change to create a safe business environment;
  3. Publication of examples of technological acceleration that will ensure economic recovery and even greater resilience to crises;
  4. Development and promotion of the IT sector, its role in the world economy, and the opportunities it opens up.