May 23, 2018 – More women are getting interested in building a career in the IT-sector than before: the number of female candidates applying for jobs related to programming has been growing over the past three years. This tendency has been noted by DataArt, covering the period of 2015-2017.

According to DataArt’s statistics, the number of women’s applications for the jobs in IT-sector has increased by 44% in 2017 comparing to the previous year, and this number is 65% higher compared to 2015.

The survey results are based on the data from the five countries in which DataArt has R&D centers (Argentina, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and Russia). The survey covered a total of 3,715 women who applied for a job at DataArt.

Data analysis shows that women are more interested in jobs related to Quality Assurance and Quality Automation as about 50% of all female candidates applied for those positions in the last 3 years. The second most popular positions are those that require knowledge of Java, followed by positions that require knowledge of .NET and JavaScript.

According to DataArt, the smallest percentage of women candidates (less than 5%) showed interest in positions with a focus on Android, C++, and iOS.

DataArt Ukraine follows the general trend. According to the data obtained by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, 24% of all IT-specialists working in Ukraine are women. In DataArt’s sales and development centers in Ukraine women take 35% of the total number of employees. Moreover, 40% of employees in Kherson and Lviv offices are female. The number of applications from women in Ukrainian DataArt offices is growing every year: it increased by 4% in 2016 and by 11% in 2017. The company received 776 CVs from female candidates in 2015, 812 in 2016 and 907 in 2017.

"IT appeals to women and men alike because it provides a less traditional approach to building a career, lower hierarchy and less dependence on leadership, ensuring a higher work flexibility and social guarantees provided by one of the most profitable industries in Ukraine. The barrier to entry is lower for QA specialists, so more candidates of both genders apply for these jobs,” – said Dmitry Abramov, Delivery Manager in DataArt.

Over the years, DataArt has been involved in various activities of technology communities that unite and popularize the IT occupations among women including Women Techmakers, Women Who Code, Coding Girls, Rails Girls, and others.



DataArt creates, develops and maintains unique software solutions that help business grow in diverse industries. DataArt brings together more than 2,600 experts from 20 US cities, Western and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Over the past 20 years, DataArt has gained customer confidence, including Nasdaq, S&P, oneworld Alliance, Ocado, artnet, Betfair and skyscanner. According to the results of 2017, the net turnover exceeded $ 124 million. In Ukraine, DataArt brings together more than a thousand specialists in six development centers (Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kherson).

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