Within the Join_IT project - educational initiatives for promotion of IT among infants and teens - the Association continues to organize a series of meetings of industry pros with pupils all across the country.

Our goal is to convey to the next generation all the specifics of work in the IT-industry so that more young people will join the IT-community and connect their future with the latest technologies that are changing our world today.

This year vocational meetings conduct not only in schools of big cities (Kyiv, Odesa, Poltava, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Zhytomyr, Konotop) but also in villages (Dymytrivka, Novi Petrovtsi, Verbivka, Pryshyb). Schools of small towns and villages are given special attention, for their students do not receive enough information about the admission to the IT-specialties in universities.

To make the educational process more interesting and motivating, the ITU Association attracts the best practicing lecturers and most proactive teachers who support the idea of the free distribution of knowledge. We are assisted by the Ministry of Education and Science, state educational institutions and international IT-companies, whose experts are pleased to introduce children to all the intricacies of the programmer's work.

This year such companies have joined the initiative:

  • ISM Ukraine
  • Svitla Systems
  • Persollo Pty
  • Ternopyl ІТ-cluster
  • Konotop ІТ-cluster

The meetings take place already and will continue until the end of May. Note that geography and the list of project participants are supplemented.

If you want to join the initiative organizers team or act as a mentor, please contact Viktoria Zbirko, Coordinator of educational projects, by email address  or call +380 93 142 00 86.

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