Good news for Ukrainian IT-business – since August it will be available to import equipment for software research and development purpose (R&D) by a simplified system.

The Resolution of National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization with the approval of the Procedure for importing and realization of radio electronic equipment and emitters to Ukraine, which had been adopted on February, 13, was registered at the Ministry of Justice on March, 12. According to the Resolution, it will take effect in 120 days since the publication day.

Now there is only one technical issue remains – the official publication of the document which we consider to be done by the end of April 2018.

We remind that due to the joint efforts of the Association and business representatives, the import of equipment for software R&D has been substantially simplified.

According to the new terms, prototypes of equipment imported into Ukraine for R&D are included in the list of products that do not require verification of compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation. The purpose of importing prototypes must be confirmed by a contract with the provider. Generally, it is allowed to import up to 10 units of equipment of the same model.

Thus, simplifying the procedure for importing prototype equipment will significantly improve the working conditions of domestic IT companies as well as the foreign ones with R&D centers in Ukraine. New import terms will accelerate the pace of software development, make doing business in this branch easier and improve the investment climate for the IT industry in general.

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