On May 25th under the HR-Committee of the Association the companies have discussed current issues and prospects of personnel management in the IТ-industry in Ukraine.
It was decided:

1) To review the criteria of IT-professions (what skills should IT professionals of different grades have - Junior, Senior SE), and as a result, to create the IT jobs mapping.

2) To hold informal meetings monthly where speakers will present specific case studies on current topics for HR IT-community.

3)To actualize the issue of keeping the qualified personnel in Ukraine. It was decided to conduct a survey among companies and collect stories of IT workers who returned to Ukraine after working abroad and foreign workers, who promote a Ukrainian employer.

4) To conduct a survey on the effective educational trainings. To think about forming a base and building a platform for the training in order to get feedback on its relevance and quality.
The participants have also discussed raising of the standards of the profession and starting the HR Mentoring program. The main purpose of the program is creating the possibility of professional development for HR practitioners who work in the companies - members of the Association through the exchange of knowledge and experience.
HR Mentoring program was launched in the form of testing when professionals interact in the convenient way in order to exchange practical experience, modern tools and efficient work practices. 

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