The awareness in modern conditions is a competitive advantage for any business. The "IT Ukraine" Association promotes mutual communication between the management of IT companies, that are the members of the Association, and holds regular meetings of TOP-managers in order to discuss the current situation at the market, determine positions on the industry’s important current issues, get advice on the changes in legislation and regulations and more. 

In order to discuss the situation in the IT industry, develop solutions to current problems and determine the prospects for development, for two consecutive years the “IT Ukraine” Association has been holding the Ukrainian Software Development Forum. The focus of the discussion is everything you need to know to make decisions at the level of TOP-management of an IT company: the economic situation in the countries of the potential customers and competitors, IT labor market dynamics in the country, new recipes for successful sales & client development, case studies on solving non-standard administrative tasks in the IT industry, government policy on the IT industry. The Ukrainian Software Development Forum is planned to be held in the end of 2015 as well.

In addition, the Association conducts periodic workshops for the IT specialists of the financial and legal profile on the current issues and the industry’s development regulation. Therefore, in the late 2012, the seminar on the key changes of rules in IT business (building a plan for working with the entrepreneur IT companies, the practical experience of going through the inspections of the regulatory authorities, transfer pricing, the nuances of foreign economic activity in the IT sector and other issues) - "Law & Accounting crash test – is everything okay with your accounting and finance!?" was held. In 2014 the seminar "Law & Finance Debugging 2014"was held. It dealt with the changes in currency transactions, disclosure of the terminal owners, tax law, mobilization and other regulatory issues.