Only joint efforts can make a significant impact on the development of the IT industry. In April 2004, Ukrainian IT companies Miratech, SoftLine, Mirasoft, ProFIX, Ukrsoft and SoftServe decided to establish a branch of the Association "Information technologies of Ukraine". The companies-founders of the Association are the leading Ukrainian software developers which have successful experience in selling services to foreign clients in terms of outsourcing.

The purpose of the Association is coordination of activities of participants with no power to interference in their production and commercial activities, making management decisions for the formation in Ukraine the socio-economic, technological and political environment that contributes to the development of the IT industry.

The priority of the Association is consolidation of efforts on promotion of competitive products of Ukrainian companies on foreign markets, promoting the development of IT education in Ukraine, the merger of scientific and industrial potential of Ukraine to create software that meets international standards, strengthening efforts of companies aimed at the development of information infrastructure and Informatization, which is a necessary prerequisite for the development of civil society in Ukraine, in particular in terms of creating efficient and transparent governance structures with the use of it.

The main directions of the Association are: representation and protection of interests of the information technology industry; cooperation with state authorities and local self-government on the promotion of the development of the IT sector; cooperation with educational institutions; support and development of innovation activities.

The Association is following objectives:

- creation of conditions for further growth of export potential of Ukrainian it's companies, the international prestige of the industry and attraction of foreign investments;

- Association of export-oriented software companies on joint actions for the development of the industry;

- improve existing legislation and to create conditions for the development of IT business;

- strengthening links with the higher school of Ukraine, which prepares specialists for the IT industry;

- expansion of participation of Ukrainian it companies in international exhibitions, presentations and other marketing events, presentation opportunities and achievements of the industry abroad.

The Association's Charter based on principles that provide an opportunity to combine a large number of participants in the domestic IT market. These include the annual rotation of the President, as well as three levels of membership: full, associate and academic. Associate membership gives you the opportunity to cover a broad range of regional and small companies, and academic provided to UNIVERSITIES and research institutes.

Participation in the Association helps to establish and maintain mutual trust and establishing business partnerships. Membership in the Association is open. Any organization can apply for membership in the Association.

Today the Association unites 58 leading IT-companies, operating in Ukraine.