August, 8-11 – NgTalks Conference will take place in Kharkiv, on the territory of It is the first in Ukraine conference dedicated to Angular Technologies, covering advanced methods, approaches and state-of-the-art trends of the community. The event will last for four days: Workshop will be held on August, 8-9, and on August, 10-11, the conference itself will take place.

Well-known pros of the Angular community and world-class developers will take part in the event. They will share their experiences, case studies and developments. All reports are collected in a single thread, so you will not miss anything.

List of speakers:

  • Todd Motto, Owner and trainer, Ultimate Angular (UK)
  • Tracy Lee, GDE ThisDot Co-founder (USA)
  • Mike Harrington – GDE, Developer Advocate for @ionicframework (USA)
  • Shmuela Jacobs – Developer and Consutant, Founder of ngGirls (Israel)
  • Nathan Walker – Telerik Developer Expert for NativeScript (Canada)
  • Anjana Vakil – Engineering Learning and Development Lead, Mapbox

More speakers you may find on a conference webpage.

Key topics of the event:

  • What’s new in Angular 6&7
  • How to get RxJS superpowers
  • Managing application state with NgRx
  • Mobile Development with NativeScript and Ionic
  • Supercharge your apps with Angular and PWA

The conference will be interesting for Angular-developers, who use modern Web-development tools and want to find out about the latest trends in the industry.

Valor Software, a software developing company, is an organizer of the event. It specializes on a technological stack of Angular, Node &TypeScript and plays an active role in opensource-movement of the community.

When purchasing tickets, please indicate if you need a synchro translation. There is also a 7% discount on participation by itukraine promo code.

You may purchase tickets on conference's webpage.

Замовити квитки можна на conference's webpage.